Tuesday, April 15, 2014

in its time

As I type this, rain is pelting the windows and the temperature is plummeting from an oddly, balmy twenty plus degrees back to the minus something digits of recent past. Tell me though, this will be but a glitch in our journey from the end of winter to the beginning of summer, right? The sun will come back and do its work; those tulips stretching their tips up through the brown mess that is my garden will eventually bring some contrasting colour; laundry will hang on the line; the barbecue will have an unveiling.

In the meantime, as I wait, as I anticipate the beginning of rosè season, I'm indulging in some light whites to chill with, to pour alongside dinner, to sip whilst sitting next to the window.

First, this off-dry Riesling from Lacey Estates (a gift from our uber fantastic friends Nita and Jason) is a juicy, citrus-kissed drink with a mineral, petrol waft that blows away to fresh, tree fruit aromas. Lacey Estates Winery is one of my favourites in The County.

And then this inexpensive Grand Cru from Alsace is balanced sweetness in a bottle. A little like ginger-laced peach jam, it would be great with a cheese platter.

Both were well suited to a rabbit biryani that made it onto our plates last week.


  1. That was some fab dinner, Holly! We're blessed to have such great friends who feed us so well...

  2. ...but a glitch.... how I hope.
    Mmmmm bunny biryani, good friends and tasty wine.
    sounds fabulous.

  3. Rabbit biryani? I suppose fitting considering it's Easter. hehe

    Here's my review of the '09 Hatschbourg Pinot Gris: