Monday, March 24, 2014

how to eat pizza

With friends!

Step One: open a bottle of red wine.

Step Two: prep a slew of ingredients beforehand. For example: an array of cheese, pepperoni, sausage, pancetta, tomato sauce, pesto, roasted peppers, mushrooms, shrimp, roasted sweet potato (my little friend Stella insisted that sweet potato does not belong on pizza, but what does she know, she's only six), shrimp, fresh tomatoes, olives.

Step Three: give everyone a ball of dough.

Step Four: mix dough, ingredients and friends.

Step Five: share in each others' creations after baking.

Step Six: open another bottle of red wine.

We tried these two inexpensive bottles from South Africa thinking they would be good companions to the baked, doughy, cheesy pies.The Obikwa Cabernet Sauvignon was quite plushy with a full, soft texture; hints of spice and leather rounded out the palate, and an acidic finish worked with the tomato sauce in the pizza. At under $10, it's a good deal for a Friday night. The Nederburg Shiraz was full and peppery with a tinge of sweet date on the finish, it had a juicy mouthful of fruit that made for easy sipping. This bottle can be had for $11.45 at the LCBO.


  1. YU-ummmm! Been meaning to do something similar at our place (you know, what with all that free time I have!) Alternative to dough are large pita breads or naan. Delish.

  2. Yes! It was fun to create foodstuffs together.

  3. That's my kinda pizza night! Stella and all the kids can have grape juice. :)

  4. I reviewed those wines recently on my blog too - you're right that they'd be good with pizza. Looks like a fun and delicious evening!