Friday, January 17, 2014

a few ontario reds

I'm sitting in my kitchen sipping the dregs of a bottle of Sofia Blanc de Blancs, left-overs from a tasting of Ontario red wines. It's dark outside, although the days are becoming longer and at 5:37pm the sun has only just slipped past the horizon. Frothy bubbles dart hither and thither in my glass which, when inspected for aromas conjures images of apples, nutmeg, ripe pear, and melon with a flowery, sweet edge bordering on marzipan. It's refreshing and lively on the palate. A perfect accompaniment to writing this post.

These are the first pictures I've taken with my new cell phone. I've never owned a cell phone before, so I'm feeling pretty much like a modern, cultured woman except that I keep phoning people by accident; I showed up for a hair appointment a week early because I don't know how to use my calendar, and I still panic when it rings. That's okay, I'm sure it's going to make my life a richer, better place to be, eventually.

Before we tasted the reds we started the evening by digging into my case of Dog House White. Versatile, it was a good aperitif and paired nicely with the grilled salmon we supped on. You can read about it here, and here, and here too.

Oh, and I also haven't figured out how to change the white balance on my handy, modern cell phone, hence the lemon meringue photo. Never-the-less, I want to tell you that this bottle was the star of our tasting night. There's a waft of sulfur when it first lands in the glass, but it blows away quickly leaving some lovey red fruit on the nose. Combine that with gentle tannins and a sweet, juicy finish and at $14.95, I say this is an inviting bottle of wine.


  1. Isn't the new Dog House White delightful? We bought a few bottles too and are excited about the next releases. :)

  2. Yes, I'm excited for them. They are so passionate. It'll be fun to watch the vineyard grow.

  3. Thanks for the link! I can't get enough of that stuff. Can't wait to see what John does with the reds. *MUST* get down there soon for a visit. Road trip, anyone?

  4. Bethany. Road Trip. Yes. After the freezing rain and the snow storms are over.