Friday, November 8, 2013

the future is in a barrel

That's right, and I've tasted it. Delicate and ethereal Pinot Noir, peppery and racy Syrah, fruity and happy Merlot, dense and moody Malbec, these are some of the wines that are in the process of time travel at Lailey Vineyard right now. All from the 2012 vintage, these red beauties are resting in barrels, doing what wine does while waiting for the right moment to hit the bottling line. The VQA report for the year states: "2012 provided wonderful conditions for wine grapes and promises to produce some exceptional wines."

A futures offering of wine means that you choose the wine you want now, and it comes to you later, when it's been bottled. The winery benefits by getting some capital up front, you benefit by getting the wine at a cheaper rate. Selling wine this way, of course, takes a little faith in your winemaker and in your palate. Even though you may get to taste the wines, like I did at the recent Lailey futures offering, what you taste at this point is not going to be what you get later. The wines will mellow, fruit flavours will integrate, acid levels will even off. What you are tasting is the potential of what a wine will become.

If this kind of thing appeals, might I suggest a little project? Take tasting notes now, while the wine is young. Open a bottle when you receive it and see how it's changed from that first tasting; take more notes. Put a bottle in the cellar for a few years and compare how that tastes to the earlier versions. Oh the fun.

If you're in Toronto, the Lailey train is coming on November 21st.

Or you can go to their website.


  1. Lailey is a winemaker I'd be willing to invest in - hoping to make it out to this event in Toronto.

  2. Hi Krista, I'll be curious to know what your favourites are!