Sunday, November 3, 2013

a little writing, a little wine

As I write this the sky is still dark outside and the only sound in the kitchen is the low-toned industrial whir of the furnace pushing hot air through the house. Soon the world will be coming to light and the usual business of the weekend will continue. We're having company for dinner so there will be mango chutney to make, lamb to dice into curry sauce, and angel food cake to bake. I'll probably get caught up in some laundry and house cleaning, and I noticed yesterday that leaves are piling up in the yard. For now though, I'm sipping my milky, warm tea and contemplating plot structure and narrative voice. November is National Novel Writing Month and I've taken the challenge to write 50,000 words, which means coming to my computer much more often - and at the wee hours of the morning - than I'm accustomed to. I'm not sure what will come of it, but it's quite pleasant to be up while the house is quiet; to be lost in a world of make-believe even if it doesn't make sense to me yet.

I am planning a welcome wine break this week. Savvy Company is hosting winemaker Derek Barnett of Lailey Vineyard here in Ottawa: Tuesday, November 5th and in Toronto: November 21st. Tickets are $25. Just follow the Savvy link to register. This is an intimate tasting of the 2012 vintage and a good opportunity to get your Canadian Wine on, and the chance to talk wine with one of Ontario's most passionate and knowledgeable winemakers.

Okay, back to the jumbled, disorderly world of fiction I go.